Mentoring and master’s degree education… how do they complement each other?

Master’s degree students are the ones who seek to have a differentiating component that highlights them in a highly competitive world of work. They do this through additional educational preparation, which can be significantly enriched if accompanied by a mentor.

Looking for the ideal mentor

At CUCEA MBA at the University of Guadalajara, we have master’s students with a focus on business. Because of this, the profiles of our mentors have more than five years of professional experience in business, organizational management, entrepreneurship, or consultancy.

The industry may vary, but the ideal approach is that they have real knowledge to share with students in functional areas such as Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain Management or any other that is applicable to the business world and organizational development.

Mentoring for professional project development

Unlike mentoring accompaniment to bachelor’s degree students, the goal on a master’s level is to support the career plan when you already have professional projects or want to develop a new one. They do this by tracking decision-making, analyzing entrepreneurship ideas, and directly approaching the market.

Complementing the knowledge that is being acquired from teachers who, even though they also have experience in business, do not dedicate of their times to providing this support as a mentor does.

Therefore, a mentor is the ideal person to guide master’s students to effective decision-making based on real experiences and data that can save them from some “slips” or optimize working times. At the same time, it provides networking spaces that adapt to the needs of each project to generate business opportunities.

Education that makes a difference.

Currently, although some educational institutions in Mexico have the figure of a mentor or mentoring areas in their facilities, they do not have a formal program that is aimed at the specific profile of master’s students in business. This has allowed MBA UdeG to being different from the rest and provide added value to its students.

We created our own methodology from scratch, based on our needs and objectives, which makes our model unique in the market, innovative and difficult to duplicate.

In addition, we have managed to make our mentors focus on the needs of each of our students’ profiles and their projects, to obtain greater specialization and attention to them.

In our collaboration with MentorME we learned that it is extremely important that a mentoring program is flexible and adaptable. This helps us make changes easily, in real-time, and adjusting to the requirements that are presented. This is how we continue to provide a good learning experience for all our students, without limiting knowledge and while supporting their ideas and projects to come true.

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Omar Briseño

Omar has more than 15 years of experience in various industries, mainly in roles related to multidisciplinary project management, coordination of public sector initiatives, consulting, and strategic management in areas of B2BMarketing, BPI, BI, Market Research, NPD, Branding, Innovation and Business Development among others, within various organizations such as HP, PiSA Pharmaceutical, SEP, UdeG, Ministry of Innovation, and currently at the CUCEA MBA; he has an MBA from IE Business School + UW and various certifications at institutions such as Harvard, Babson, and MIT.

21 May, 2021