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The MentorME Effect: Part 2

I have always liked to participate in extracurricular activities, I consider that one of the great advantages of attending university is to take advantage of all those activities that indirectly promote professional and personal growth; never denying a new opportunity with which to learn.

How was my first approach with MentorME and what did I learn from it?

During my studies, one of the opportunities presented to me was an invitation from my university, the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, to participate in an activity called Speed Mentoring by the ANIEI within the framework of the XXX National Meeting of Directors. I did not know what this activity consisted of, I did some research and found it an interesting experience. “Everything adds, nothing subtracts, “I thought, and I decided to confirm my attendance at the event.

It was in this way that I had my first approach with MentorME, who were the organizers of this event in collaboration with ANIEI. I was at a decisive point in my career because, being in my last semesters, I had more doubts than answers for the next step I was about to take in my life: finish my studies and start my working life. This activity helped me a lot, I really solved some doubts, but new ones were generated. I was very anxious to live more from this mentoring experience.

Weeks later, I received an invitation to join the first mentoring program organized by ANIEI in collaboration with MentorME, and without thinking, I said yes!

That’s how thorough the application I matched with my mentor, Adolfo Guzmán, living this mentoring program, having a mentor with whom I shared skills and areas of interest and shared their mistakes and advice helped me learn a lot. Some of the main ones I feel that networking is a key piece in professional growth, as well as skills and knowledge, add up; but attitude is the real multiplier. He taught me that it is always necessary to have a plan, but also to keep in mind that these are dynamic, opportunities come, and we must be willing to take them. Finally, I understood that we should not be afraid, that this is not bad, it makes us be alert and reflect; but the challenges must be addressed.

In what aspects of my life did I apply these learnings?

Professionally, one of my main concerns was that I had explored several areas, but I had many doubts about how to start to reach my long-term goals. These learnings received helped me to establish my profile to define where to focus it; establish a starting point. In addition, he taught me that it is always a good idea to sit down and listen and learn from the experience of others.

Personally, in the development of my confidence in various areas, to keep looking for options to continue learning, as well as generating opportunities to share experiences and knowledge.

To this day, how does MentorME continues to impact my life?

MentorME has been a plus in my life, with everything I have learned I consider that I have grown not only professionally, but also as a person. Continuing to challenge myself and being more confident are some of the ways MentorME has impacted my life.

This experience opened new opportunities for me and, more than anything, helped me to take advantage of them and take risks that can make me grow.

Today, I took two big challenges, I started working as a Project Manager in an international implementation and got an internship at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

I share MentorME’s belief in why activities like mentoring are so enriching for every individual who participates in them. It is an activity based on respect and trust with the goal of transmitting experiences, knowledge and building a solid relationship between mentor and mentee. I believe that there is no better way than mentoring to learn that sharing learning between generations to generate mutual growth is synonymous with seeking positive development as a society.

Alondra Sánchez

Alondra Sánchez is a senior in Computer Science Engineering, Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador under the milestone Beta and SCRUM Master Certified. Passionate about Machine Learning, Data Science, agile practices, and cloud computing. She is currently an organizer of activities that promote scientific dissemination, education and seek to empower young people.

30 November, 2021