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The MentorME Effect: Part 5

My first approach with MentorME and what I learned.

When I first participated in an activity, it was because I received an invitation from Oswaldo Robles, who is part of the team of those who work on this application and its dynamics and initiatives. In it, I was invited to share a part of the success I was working on in my role, and the growth I was having at the time. This is to teach that these achievements are possible, and the experiences I had had to get here, with other people.

When I came to MentorME and worked with the first mentee, I was able to realize how quickly life goes from being a student to a professional and how sometimes we don’t even breathe and realize our own growth. What made me take a very big personal learning, which was to say, “I have achieved something and helped others on the way”, which was very rewarding. And even more, to be able to share it with someone has motivated me to continue on this journey and participate in this type of dynamic.

In what aspects have I applied these learnings?

Putting yourself back in the shoes of a person who is leaving college, and who wants to eat the world, continues to motivate you to take them so that this hunger does not end and continues when they are adults.

There are times when you grow up, you enter the job you were looking for and we believe that that dream ended there, and it is not like that. We must go back to what we were, and then retrace our paths and set new goals.

I think that also the empathy of understanding other perspectives and ways of learning has been something very valuable with what I have stayed from these experiences and that I continue to apply in other aspects of my life.

The impact MentorME continues to have on my life

The first time I approached a mentee, I was surprised by the profile he had. He spoke many languages, had an incredible academic performance, and knew a lot about different subjects. So, I sat down and said, “Tell me how I can help you?”. It led me to question and challenge myself for how prepared I was and what I could teach him in addition to everything he already knew. This forced me to prepare myself more to really be of value to him. And this preparation is something that I have wanted to keep constant in my life.

MentorME continues to help me reinforce the desire to share. I wish that, when I was 18, someone had helped me understand reality, and to have an ability to open up to new and different things. Therefore, it is something that I like to continue teaching when I have the opportunity. There are different paths, options, and scenarios to take to get what you want, and being open to this is something I like to share in my participation in these spaces.

This sharing of knowledge is something that we need a lot in the world for better development. I believe that we should not invent the wheel, maybe someone has already gone through the same obstacles as us, and talking with someone who has already experienced it, is a shortcut that opens our head and prevents us from getting confused and thinking a lot about the same topic.

Raising our hands to this accompaniment does not make us less, nor more vulnerable. On the contrary, it brings us this great opening of growth.

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Gabriela Jiménez

Gabriela has a degree in Advertising, graduated from UNIVA. She is 33 years old and the mother of an 11-year-old girl. She is a very active, dynamic, intense, and very cheerful person. She likes order and discipline. She loves football, is a goalkeeper and right defender. She has been dabbling in running for a year and is starting with a hiking team. She plays tennis, bikes, and gets into any exercise that generates endorphins. She has 5 years working at HPE, in roles very focused on customer service... she loves public relations. She started in the Order Management and Care team and after two years jumped to the Aruba sales team for LATAM. She is currently leading a team that develops positive business strategies and relationships for business partners.

7 February, 2022