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The MentorME Effect: Part 6

My first approach with MentorME and what I learned.

My first approach to the MentorME initiatives was in September 2020. It all started when, because of my work at HPE, it caught my attention to become a student of a program called “Women’s Leadership Program”. It was from there that I decided to sign up and that I started hearing more about MentorME as we were using the app and I was assigned to a mentor who accompanied me on this experience.

At that time, I did not know how to use the app or apply mentoring, so I began to familiarize myself and get involved during the 4 months that the program lasted, after which the mentoring also ended. However, I had such a satisfactory experience with this accompaniment, that I looked for my mentor with the concern to continue learning.

This is when I began to exploit leadership skills, to apply my own strengths, to create new and better relationships when networking, which I consider to be extremely important nowadays, to think and analyze strategically to propose and always assert my opinion. This is how I also gained confidence in myself to be able to communicate and prepare different plans.

In what aspects have I applied these learnings?

Mainly, I have been able to apply these learnings in the professional field. But also, together with my mentor, I discovered and learned that I could not partition and work as two different people, but that everything goes together. So, professionally, I gave myself the opportunity to participate and lead different projects in which I work together with my daily tasks. This means that it is not part of my work within the company as such, but that I take these programs in parallel as extra activities that have incredibly helped me to get where I would never have imagined because of certain limitations that I put on myself.

This helped me to give myself the task of introspecting within my abilities, strengthening them, and making use of different tools to continue my growth and overcome these limits. And, whenever the opportunity presents itself, I always share what I’ve learned either on or off the job.

The impact MentorME continues to have on my life

I’ve realized that I now have a very different perspective on everything I can do and grow professionally where I never thought. As well as having this presence in many places and opportunities because I realize now that there is time for everything, and I have challenged myself to explore new fields that I had not dared to investigate. I have participated in different projects that have led me to discover everything I am capable of and to continue, balanced, with my personal life. For me, the most important thing is to carry this balance both work and personal and, also, with other ventures that I have carried out.

I love to keep busy and have time for all these kinds of initiatives, and to be able to share my experience with other people, as I can now say that I have a clearer view of everything that happens around me.

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Gaby Cueva

Gaby has been working at Hewlett Packard Enterprise for 2 years. Graduated with a degree in International Business of the UDG, she has a diploma in Investment Projects at ITAM. Her passions and hobbies are dancing, exercising, traveling, reading and she loves to discover and learn new things that make her grow in every aspect. In addition to being entrepreneurial and having her own takeaway food business. Currently, her position is in SOS (Sales Optimization Support), her responsibility is to provide sales support to the North American region. An active member of the internal committee of the Women's Network where she constantly studies innovative topics for women and, in the last program, also the inclusion of men is supported. She participates daily in multiple projects that allow her to meet more people inside and outside his company and organization. As well as learning other processes that allow her to enrich herself as a professional.

9 March, 2022