The MentorME Effect: Part 8

My first approach with MentorME and what I learned.

I met MentorME a couple of years ago because of an invitation I received to be part of a pilot test in my work for some students. At first, I wasn’t so convinced to be a part of this, because I didn’t know if I really would have anything to contribute to the students who were barely 3 or 4 years younger than me.

However, I was encouraged to go to see what was happening within the mentoring dynamics and ended up pleasantly surprised. I realized that many of the doubts I had when I was studying and about to graduate, they also had. It was an “oh, I had that same fear” which helped me identify with them and give them guidance based on what I had experienced during the same process.

This completely changed my perspective; it is true that each knowledge in each stage of life adds to what you end up being in the future. In the end, your voice is worth a lot and there are people who will be interested in what you have to say and teach.

I was also able to empower myself to value all the knowledge I had and transfer what I liked about my professional life to the personal part and improve as a person. It changed my life a lot.

In what aspects have I applied these learnings?

At the time, I was unaware of the impact that what I knew could have on other people, I thought I couldn’t bring much to them, and now I know it’s not reality.

Now, I can even have a more active listening when someone shares some teaching or advice with me because I understand that they do not always come from criticism but seek to improve something and be constructive.

I value what I know, and what I am, and I understand that I can help people. For example, I really like Excel, and before I kept it only for myself and my work. Now, I identify my skills and I started teaching them to other people I could help (friends with business, for finances, etc) Knowledge is to share, not to keep it yourself. Also in external things, I have always liked to be someone who faces everything with a good face, and a good attitude and that helps me a lot in all aspects. And it’s now that I can really see the value of these characteristics that set me apart.

The impact MentorME continues to have on my life

I have now come to realize that a culture of support and pursuit of growth is not so common. I have sought to be the one who promotes all these learnings and the importance of collaborating and sharing knowledge in all the spaces in which I operate, as well as leading others to see work as something in which we can support each other and have fun in the process.

Something that is possible for me thanks to this assessment is that I have been able to work on my skills and my openness to share them.

In the end, these mentor and mentee interactions enable spaces that serve as feedback for mutual growth, allowing for individual and collective development that adds to our society.

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Gerardo Daniel Flores Moreno

Daniel is a Business Operations Analyst at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

17 May, 2022