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MentorME Admin

Web platform, for companies or educational institutions, with exclusive and personalized services to adapt the mentoring programs according to the needs you have. It includes access to perform a manual match, as well as analytics to evaluate performance and make decisions at the right time.


Personalization of your institution

MentorME Admin allows you to customize your site according to your institution, adding logo, description, location, address, email account and links to relevant information.

Exclusive interests

From the MentroME Admin, you can include the areas of knowledge offered by your Mentors, in which the mentees want to develop skills.

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Your own methodology

Through MentorME Admin, you can configure the mentoring program according to the requirements of your institution. This through: name, program description, start date, end date, goals and tasks, fulfillment dates, routes to general information relevant to program, roles and responsibilities

Manual match

For specialized programs where the Mentor-Mentee interaction should be predetermined, MentorME Admin allows you to make this crossing manually, through search and selection.

Massive load of participants

MentorME Admin will make the admission of participants to the program easier and faster through a predetermined template that will bulk load them.


MentorME Admin offers the ability to visualize information about user activity, the status of requests sent to Mentors, progress of goals and objectives, as well as the interests and areas of development of the mentees.

Do you want to get the benefits of MentorME Admin?

With this tool, you can customize, manage, and monitor the programs within your institution